KEY PRO s.P.A. A company at the service of beauty

The name comes from the merger of the words kosmetic – equipment – professional or cosmetics and professional accessories

KEYPRO , a company at the service of beauty that has been dealing with professional cosmetics for 35 years. The products formulated, created and distributed by us are at the service of our customers in 63 countries around the world.

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The passion has led us in thirty years to search for the most innovative accessories and the most differentiated products to offer them to our customers who have been, up to now, mainly hairdressers and beauticians. The commitment made in this direction has made Kepro one of the leading Italian companies in the sector and now we also want to address the final consumer by offering them the opportunity to purchase professional products for domestic use.

What we offer to our customers is the highest quality and a distinctive service that is also reflected in our stores under the Keproshop or Beauty & Co brand , specialized in the sale of accessories, equipment and products for the care and beauty of the person at 360 °.

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In our stores, professionals can find a vast display of products of interest to them and request all the news while the final consumer can take advantage of a very wide choice and an excellent quality / price ratio. The idea is to put together all the professional products for the person who wants to take care of himself even at home. Today we understand more and more the importance of using quality products and consumers are also approaching the more “technical” aspects of the trade, which is why it is important to provide them with the right tools and adequate information. To date, Kepro has a clientele that exceeds 60,000 members of our loyalty program. Plus, it sells more than22,000 prestigious products in 63 countries around the world. The result of 30 years of work in this sector has led Kepro SpA to be a multi-level company that caters to hairdressers, beauticians, beauty spas, professional and private retailers.